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 Rules of the board (IMPORTANT)

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PostSubject: Rules of the board (IMPORTANT)   Tue May 17, 2011 10:28 pm

These are the main rules.

1. No spamming, double posting, or flaming each other.
2. Keep on topic (unless it's a off-topic area).
3. obey the admins and mods on their rulings.

Rules of registering characters and sub factions.

1. This forum follows a open registration policy, in short once an admin approves, you can post.
2. No Over powered creations/characters.
3. Do not create a crossover faction with the strengths of two.
4. Explain your character and how (INSERT GENDER HERE) got too where (INSERT GENDER HERE) is.

Posting rules.

1. Be realistic, no pulling reinforcements/secret weapons and armour in at the last moment.
2. There are winners and losers, try to plan who's who.
3. No Last minute ditch attempts to try and win or be in your favour.
4. This should be common sense but: No godmodding, any complaints regarding this rule will be taken seriously.
5. Minimum posting length is 2 lines. Reccommended lengths should be two paragraphs but that varies on the situation.
6. If your going to have extreme gore and some content of a sexual nature put a (R) in the title. Don't go into huge details though on sexual nature.

Now that's out of the way, have fun!
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Rules of the board (IMPORTANT)
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